Whether you are building a new home that you expect to grace the pages of Architectural Digest, remodeling an existing space to create the perfect ambience for a dinner party, or simply re-energizing your outdated furnishings and color palette.

Hamer Interior Design brings decades of experience through a multi-generational approach to service all of our client's needs. We know that design is a process and understand the potential pitfalls, therefore, the earlier we are involved in the process, the more value we can add. We deliver value by assessing your lifestyle needs and understanding the function of your space.

We consider our clients to be pivotal players in the creative process and believe in design as a stamp of your individual personality. After we have assessed your needs, we create a design package that is tailored and customized to each project so we may execute according to your schedule and budget. We love what we do and have a blast doing it, so you are assured an easy, delightful working relationship. If you are tired of working with designers that are trying to sell you a vision that is not your own for a price that is not within your budget, then contact our design team today to realize why our clients have continued to use our services for over 20 years.